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Get Spacehog at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads hog Welcome to the Spacehog project!
    (aka an excuse for very poor graphics)

Spacehog Beta 0.1

Ever wondered where your disk space went to?
Wondering why your disk is constantly full?

Well there's some help for you here. With an aim of being simple and intuitive to use, Spacehog tries to help you resolve these issues using a more obvious interface.

Built on Windows Vista using VB Express 2008, it has been tested on 64-bit Vista and XP Professional and does the basics. There are a few bugs knocking about but nothing too critical that I am aware of.

Download one of the following:

setup.exe - Main setup file (hopefully works ok!)
Spacehog_Locator_v0.1.exe - Portable version (requires .net 3.5 libraries installed on host- may work with earlier versions)

The source code is also available for those wishing to plagerise and or learn from what has been done to date. There's some general examples of tree population (and some difficulties using it) and use of recursion in file systems.

The project aims to develop as the available skills do - there's some possibility of multi-threading for increased speed where sensible (although I don't want to take over the PC) & much prettier graphs and displays now that the core code is done. Maybe some further intelligence in duplicate file detection (although that has been done to death) and maybe using the file index where available to speed up some bits. After that, who knows?

main screenshot
tree view